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PKB-number: PKB154
Definition: Pseudoknot PK1 of the upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR of RNA3
Organism: brome mosaic virus
Abbreviation: BMV3_UPD-PK1
RNA type: Viral 3 UTR
Keywords: bromovirus; translational regulation; replication
EMBL number: V00099
Submitted by: A.P.Gultyaev (
Supported by: Mutagenesis; Sequence comparison
References: [1] Pleij C.W.A. et al. (1987). In: "Positive Strand RNA Viruses" (Brinton M.A. & Rueckert R., Eds.), Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York, pp 299-316.
[2] Lahser F.C. et al. (1993). J. Virol. 67:3295-3303.
Comment: RNA1 of BMV contains similar structure. Subgenomic RNA4 is derived from RNA3, with the same 3'end.
Stem sizes:
Loop sizes:
5 5
1 0 2
Position Paired:
1836-1840; 1847-1851
1842-1846; 1854-1858
Bracket view of structure:
               1840      1850      1860
      #      56789|123456789|123456789|
      % 1835 :(((((:[[[[[)))))::]]]]]::

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