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PKB-number: PKB59
Definition: Pseudoknot PK2 of the upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD1) of the 3'-UTR of odontoglossum ringspot virus, Singapore isolate
Organism: odontoglossum ringspot virus
Abbreviation: ORSV-S1_UPD1-PK2
RNA type: Viral 3 UTR
Keywords: tobamovirus; translational regulation
EMBL number: U34586
Submitted by: A.P.Gultyaev (
Supported by: Sequence comparison
References: [1] Chng C.G. et el. (1996). Gene 171:155-161.
[2] Gultyaev A.P. et al. (1994). J.Gen.Virol. 75:2851-2856.
Comment: The 3'-UTR of ORSV RNA contains three (slightly different) upstream pseudoknot domains (UPD1, UPD2 and UPD3, numbered from the 3'end). The UPD1 includes only PK2 and PK3; there is no homologue of PK1 (present in the UPD3).
Stem sizes:
Loop sizes:
3 6
1 0 3
Position Paired:
6451-6453; 6461-6463
6455-6460; 6467-6472
Bracket view of structure:
                  6460      6470
     #      123456789|123456789|12
     % 6451 (((:[[[[[[))):::]]]]]]

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